Scientific Name of Cashew and Canna

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1 Scientific Name
1.1 Botanical Name
ANACARDIUM occidentale
1.2 Common Name
Acajou, Cashew
Canna, Canna Lily
1.2.1 In Hindi
काजू के पेड़
भंग लिली
1.2.2 In German
Cashew Baum
Canna Lilie
1.2.3 In French
1.2.4 In Spanish
árbol de anacardo
Canna lirio
1.2.5 In Greek
δέντρο κάσιους
Canna κρίνος
1.2.6 In Portuguese
1.2.7 In Polish
drzewo nerkowca
Canna lilia
1.2.8 In Latin
cashew ligno
Canna lilium

Cashew and Canna in Spanish

All plants which are List of Trees, basically have different names in different languages. As these names vary from region to region, scientists came up with one single name for all plants, which are called scientific names. Scientific Name of Cashew and Canna is used by scientists worldwide. Scientific names are name used by scientists, especially the taxonomic name of an organisms that consist of the genus and species. Cashew and Canna in Spanish is also different. Cashew in Spanish is known as árbol de anacardo and Canna in Spanish is known as Canna lirio.

Common Name of Cashew and Canna

Scientific name of Cashew and Canna is the name accepted by scientists worldwide. But common name of Cashew and Canna varies in different languages. Cashew and Canna common names in Hindi, in French, in German is different. They are as follows:

  • Cashew in German: Cashew Baum
  • Cashew in French: Anacardier
  • Canna in German: Canna Lilie
  • Canna in French: Canna

Knowing the scientific name of Cashew and Canna also its common name in Spanish as well as in other languages is an interesting fact.

Cashew and Canna Common Name In Other Languages

Along with Cashew vs Canna Scientific Classification, Cashew and Canna common name in other languages is also interesting to know. Common name is the name used by local people. It develops over time, according to use, look and lore.

  • Cashew in Greek: δέντρο κάσιους
  • Canna in Greek: Canna κρίνος
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