Giant Waterlily
Giant Waterlily


Giant Waterlily Information

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1 Information
1.1 Plant Size
1.1.1 Minimum Height
American Elm In..
510.00 cm
Rank: 58 (Overall)
Cyclamen Information
1.1.2 Minimum Width
Flowering Craba..
37.00 cm
Rank: 100 (Overall)
Evening Primrose Information
1.2 Plant Color
1.2.1 Flower Color
White, Pink, Light Pink
1.2.2 Flower Color Modifier
Not Available
1.2.3 Fruit Color
Not Available
1.2.4 Leaf Color in Spring
Green, Yellow green, Bronze
1.2.5 Leaf Color in Summer
Green, Yellow green
1.2.6 Leaf Color in Fall
Green, Yellow green
1.2.7 Leaf Color in Winter
Green, Yellow green
1.3 Shape
1.3.1 Leaf Shape
Disc shaped
1.4 Thorns
5% Aquatic Plants Garden Plants have it !

Giant Waterlily Color

Most of the love we have for garden plants is because of their vibrant and eye-catching colors. Colorful plants always give pleasure to our eyes. Different leaf colors, fruit colors and mainly flower colors give a pretty look to the garden. Wondering What is Giant Waterlily color? One should know about Giant Waterlily flower color, leaf color and fruit color which are as follows:

  • Flower Color: White, Pink and Light Pink
  • Leaf Color: Green, Yellow green and Bronze
  • Fruit Color:Not Available

Along with Giant Waterlily information and color you can also compare other plants like, Giant Waterlily and Daffodil, Giant Waterlily and Bamboo, Giant Waterlily and Chives.Every gardener wants his garden to look beautiful and hence gathering information about plant color helps you choose the best colors for your garden.

Giant Waterlily Shape

Plants come in different shapes and sizes. Based on variations in height and width, a lot of variety can be seen in garden plants. Every plant has its own benefits and you can find more information about Giant Waterlily Benefits. One important aspect of plant is its leaf. Leaf of a plant is usually joined to the stem of a plant by a stalk; this is called the petiole. We can find different and interesting shapes and sizes of leaves. Giant Waterlily information tells you about Giant Waterlily shape, leaf color, flower color, etc. It is very obvious that even if two plants look-alike, their leaf shapes are different. Some leaves are linear and some are obovate in shape. Some leaves are globe shaped and some are ovate. Giant Waterlily leaf is Disc shaped shaped.

Giant Waterlily Thorns

Thorns in general are spinose structures which are hard in nature with sharp and stiff ends. They are also known as spines or prickles and their main function is to deter the animals from eating plants. Now you might be wondering, if Giant Waterlily thorns exist. This plant has thorns. Discover the plants which have thorns so that you can select a proper location in your yard to plant them.

Giant Waterlily Height

Some plants grow excessively taller so they need proper pruning from time to time. Pruning is an essential gardening skill of Giant Waterlily Care which includes selective removal of parts of a plant to encourage healthy growth and flowering. Plant height and plant width are important factors to consider while deciding the spot to plant your favorite plant. You might want to know about Giant Waterlily Height and Width. They are as follows:

  • Giant Waterlily Height: 510.00 cm

  • Giant Waterlily Width: 37.00 cm

Depending upon this information, one can decide whether to plant it or not. You can also compare Giant Waterlily and Artichoke, Giant Waterlily and Sunflower. Taller and wider plants need more space, whereas, smaller plants can be planted in pots also.

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