Big leaf Maple
Big leaf Maple


About Big leaf Maple

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1 What is
1.1 Life Span
1.2 Type
1.3 Origin
Western United States, Northwestern United States, California, Canada
1.4 Types
Black Maple, Mountain Maple, Norway Maple
1.4.1 Number of Varieties
About Rice Plant
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
About Elderberry
1.5 Habitat
Riverbanks, Stream side
1.6 USDA Hardiness Zone
1.7 AHS Heat Zone
1.8 Sunset Zone
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
1.9 Habit
Oval or Rounded
2 Information
2.1 Plant Size
2.1.1 Minimum Height
About American ..
3,048.00 cm
Rank: 5 (Overall)
About Cyclamen
2.1.2 Minimum Width
About Flowering..
120.00 cm
Rank: 79 (Overall)
About Evening Primrose
2.2 Plant Color
2.2.1 Flower Color
Yellow, Red, Green
2.2.2 Flower Color Modifier
2.2.3 Fruit Color
Yellow, Red, Green, Sandy Brown
2.2.4 Leaf Color in Spring
Light Green, Yellow green
2.2.5 Leaf Color in Summer
2.2.6 Leaf Color in Fall
2.2.7 Leaf Color in Winter
Not Available
2.3 Shape
2.3.1 Leaf Shape
2.4 Thorns
9% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
3 Season
3.1 Plant Season
Spring, Summer, Fall
3.2 Growing Conditions
3.2.1 Sunlight
Partial Sun, Partial shade
3.2.2 Growth Rate
3.2.3 Type of Soil
Clay, Loam, Sand
3.2.4 The pH of Soil
Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
3.2.5 Soil Drainage
3.2.6 Bloom Time
Early Spring, Spring
3.2.7 Repeat Bloomer
18% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
3.3 Tolerances
Not Available
4 Care
4.1 Where to Plant?
4.2 How to Plant?
4.3 Plant Maintenance
4.4 Watering Plants
4.4.1 Watering Requirements
Do not let dry out between waterings, Keep ground moist, Requires regular watering
4.4.2 In Summer
Lots of watering
4.4.3 In Spring
4.4.4 In Winter
Average Water
4.5 Soil
4.5.1 Soil pH
Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
4.5.2 Soil Type
Clay, Loam, Sand
4.5.3 Soil Drainage Capacity
4.6 Sun Exposure
Partial Sun, Partial shade
4.7 Pruning
Remove branches, Remove damaged leaves, Remove dead branches, Remove dead leaves, Remove dead or diseased plant parts
4.8 Fertilizers
All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer, Nitrogen
4.9 Pests and Diseases
Red blotch
4.10 Plant Tolerance
Not Available
5 Facts
5.1 Flowers
80% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.1.1 Flower Petal Number
5.2 Fruits
5.2.1 Showy Fruit
46% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.2.2 Edible Fruit
25% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.3 Fragrance
5.3.1 Fragrant Flower
40% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.3.2 Fragrant Fruit
11% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.3.3 Fragrant Leaf
14% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.3.4 Fragrant Bark/Stem
10% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.4 Showy Foliage
60% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.5 Showy Bark
41% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.6 Foliage Texture
5.7 Foliage Sheen
5.8 Evergreen
3% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.9 Invasive
5.10 Self-Sowing
58% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
5.11 Attracts
Bees, Birds, Flying insects, Insects
5.12 Allergy
6 Benefits
6.1 Uses
6.1.1 Aesthetic Uses
Not Used For Aesthetic Purpose
6.1.2 Beauty Benefits
Improve hair condition
6.1.3 Edible Uses
74% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
6.1.4 Environmental Uses
Air purification, Nesting sites for birds, Shadow Tree, Wildlife
6.2 Plant Benefits
6.2.1 Medicinal Uses
Tonic, tuberculosis
6.2.2 Part of Plant Used
Flowers, Sap, Tree trunks
6.2.3 Other Uses
Application in Furniture, Basketary, Can be made into a herbal tea, Decorative veneers, flooring, paneling, Edible syrup, Fibre, Making piano frames, Used as firewood, Used as fuel, Used in salads
6.3 Used As Indoor Plant
9% List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
6.4 Used As Outdoor Plant
All List of Trees Garden Plants have it !
6.5 Garden Design
Feature Plant, Shade Trees
7 Scientific Name
7.1 Botanical Name
ACER macrophyllum
7.2 Common Name
Big-leaf Maple, Oregon Maple, Pacific Maple
7.2.1 In Hindi
बड़ा पत्ता मेपल के पेड़
7.2.2 In German
Big Blatt Ahornbaum
7.2.3 In French
Grande feuille Érable
7.2.4 In Spanish
Gran hoja del árbol de arce
7.2.5 In Greek
δέντρο Maple μεγάλο φύλλο
7.2.6 In Portuguese
Árvore de bordo Folha grande
7.2.7 In Polish
Duży liść klonowy
7.2.8 In Latin
Big Maple folia ligni
8 Classification
8.1 Kingdom
8.2 Phylum
8.3 Class
8.4 Order
8.5 Family
8.6 Genus
8.7 Clade
Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids
8.8 Tribe
Not Available
8.9 Subfamily
Not Available
8.10 Number of Species
About Orchid
Rank: 100 (Overall)
About Calla Lily

Properties of Big leaf Maple

Want to know the properties of Big leaf Maple? Then you are at the right place. Here you'll know everything about every plant. Knowing the properties of garden plants is very interesting. Big leaf Maple is a flowering plantalso, its flowers are non fragrant. Many garden plants possess some allergies. One should know everything about before planting. It has allergic reactions which are Pollen. Big leaf Maple Benefits are as follows:

  • Medicinal use: Tonic and tuberculosis

  • Part of plant used: Flowers, Sap and Tree trunks

It is always necessary for every botanist to study and know all the characteristics of every plant. Scientific classification which includes kingdom, clade, genus, tribe and order are important parameters to understand for every botanist. The gardener must know the properties like the kind of soil required, the amount of water needed, fertilization and pruning required for respective plant. All these properties differ according to plant.

Big leaf Maple Physical Information

Physical information is must while knowing everything about Big leaf Maple. Physical information includes the exterior appearance of the plant. The appearance of the plants is well considered factor, especially when you want your garden to be very attractive. Learn about color of leaves and flowers which differs even from the same species of plants. Big leaf Maple physical information is as follows: 3,048.00 cm tall and 120.00 cm wide. Its leaf shape is Irregular. Also it has following color specifications:

  • Flower color: Yellow, Red and Green
  • Leaf color: Light Green and Yellow green

Care of Big leaf Maple

Taking Big leaf Maple Care is very important. Pruning, fertilizing, timely watering is very important care factors of any plant. If proper care is taken, results are refreshing and green plants which have a healthy life. Hence every garden plant care should be taken properly. Care of Big leaf Maple include pruning, which should be done Remove branches, Remove damaged leaves, Remove dead branches, Remove dead leaves and Remove dead or diseased plant parts. The watering done in summer is Lots of watering and in winter is Average Water. It needs Partial Sun, Partial shade for its proper growth.

Season and care of Big leaf Maple

Many a times, care of plants is dependent on the season of the plant. Hence season and care of Big leaf Maple is important if you are planning to plant it in your garden. It is a Perennial plant. Big leaf Maple is a very important plant from List of Trees. There are Not Available varieties of this plant, among which some popular species are: Black Maple, Mountain Maple, Norway Maple. This plant's habitat is Riverbanks and Stream side and it comes in the hardiness zone 5-9. If you want to keep your garden blooming for all year, grow different plants which blooms in different seasons. Also, understanding habitat of plants is necessary to know, it helps to adjust the environment of the plant like the type of soil and temperature needed for it, according to region it originated from.

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